Antae 391


Antae 391

Private Residence

L'harmonie designs modern dwelling that aims to achieve the motto of “the house is the coexistence of nature and hometown”. 

The site is close to the second largest harbor city, Busan and Daegu. Located at the heart of the city where transportation systems are right around the corner with beautiful cherry blossom tracking road for seasonal retreat.
Antae 391 is a warm and embracing home for someone who needs interval from their daily routine. 

Key word : Moments, Senses, Framed Imagery, Color, Balance, Blurred Boundaries, Of Nature

Location : Milyang (밀양), South Korea

Duration : 16' Nov. ~ 17' Oct.

On a day when the scent of acacia blanketed the town of Milyang, I pulled the handle of a heavy wooden door. ‘My old soulmate must be making a delicious dinner.’ I can smell it from all the way down in the vestibule. I see my wife, through the white curtains next to the stairs filled with skylight. Looking at her, being at home, relieves all the burden I’d been carrying throughout the week. The warm atmosphere generated by the afternoon sun and the landscape that assimilates the Sumuk ink painting alleviates stress and brings tranquility.

-Short story of what I imagined an old couple’s evening after a long days of work.