White Retreat


Project "White Retreat "

Private residence renovation project.

Following to our client’s need of ‘one’s shelter needs to be embracing, warm, place where you can fully vacate after a long day of work’, came down with few ideas. 

With using natural material - such as stone, wood - made home feels cozy and comfortable. Then with neutral warm tone selection of paint and base gives opportunity for client to color in their place : darker toned bathrooms and bedroom allows private and self-focused hours.

The space before construction had very limited kitchen area with oddly wide open dining and living space. To balance the kitchen, dining and living space, the space was designed to create distinguished zone and at the same time blurred boundaries of space for open connection for all family members.

Based in Nonhyundong (논현동) Seoul, South Korea. 

Duration : 2018.02.01 ~ 04. 20